Evita se Perron
in association with
the Fugard Theatre
presents the
2018 Voorkamerfest

Bookings are open!

Darling’s most popular event of the of the year is back, and it’s going to be better than ever

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Voorkamerfest is BACK with a passion and renewed energy to enchant and delight the lucky ones who manage to get a ticket.

Voorkamerfest is usually sold-out every year, so prepare yourself for the weekend-comeback of your life: Friday 31 August, Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 September.

For those of you who have never experienced this truly South African cultural experience – this is what you are in for!

Festival-goers arrive at Evita se Perron 8 Arcadia Street in Darling, collect their colour coded tickets for various routes of different colours. They then queue for a taxi ride to their first venue where the first 25 minute performance starts, after which the taxi will take them to the second 25 minute adventure and then a third 25 minute surprise experience, returning thereafter, via the local taxi to Evita se Perron to enjoy the market vibes and connect with friends who have been on different routes, sharing their unique experience all over again! So within 100 minutes, three worlds of magic will be celebrated and new friends will be made. Owners of the homes are the theatre managers for those three days in September. After the years of experience, the people of Darling know how special each one of them has become to the success of this project!

Voorkamerfest was founded in 2004 by Inge Bos and Wim Visser, with help of Pieter-Dirk Uys and the inhabitants of Darling.

Founding sponsor is Stichting Doen (NL)

Bookings are open!



The festival format remains the same – Friday one timeslot of 7 routes (21 shows) @ R200 per person per route, Saturday 2 timeslots (morning & afternoon) and Sunday one timeslot (morning) @ R250 per person per route on Sat & Sun.

An open-air performance for the community in Darling East.
Sunday at 3pm.

For all market related queries – I LOVE YZER are coordinating this year’s Market:  Eldre Strydom eldre@iloveyzer.co.za for applications and info or download the application form here

The sponsors making Voorkamerfest 2018 happen

Carolyn Steyn

Darling Businesses