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With their creative dance skills and dynamic stage presence, The Professionals (Pantsula dance group) are taking performing arts by storm in South Africa. The Professionals is a Pantsula dance production consisting of different skills and personalities. The Professionals were formed in 2005 by Sbongiseni Brendon Jaca. Sbongiseni is the main choreographer and one of the dancers in the group. His love of dance has inspired him to keep the group going and to encourage his fellow group mates to work hard and to achieve as much as possible. They have big dreams and hope to encourage more South Africans to do what they love. Biography It is difficult in South Africa to make a career from dance but The Professionals aim to change that and take Pantsula to the next level. The aim of the group is to get the township children off the streets, to encourage them to learn new skills and to not get caught up in the negativity that there is in the world these days. There is too much crime, drugs, poverty and sadness in South Africa. We want to bring the light. In 2010 The Professionals started developing and teaching the young kids of Ntuzuma Richmond Farm. They did not just teach the young ones Pantsula but they also taught them how to rely on one another as they teach them how to work as team. They did not stop there, they continued trying to open doors for the upcoming entertainers to be recognized in South Africa. While they were teaching they were learning. They took the top students and danced with them, they become a well known dance group in the city of Durban. The professionals won many competitions and lost some.

Bob the Juggler has been keeping his pins in the air for 16 years now. Most of us can’t juggle for more than a few seconds so as you can imagine, this is going to be quite a show.

Bob has performed all over South Africa and at many international destinations:


Various entertainment events for the City of Cape Town.
Performances in Capetonian schools.
Tours around South Africa: Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria, East London, Nelspruit.
Participation to various South African festivals:
Rand Easter Festival (Johannesburg).
ART OF ROCK- collaboration with the Porlotones and Paul du Toit.
ART OF ROCK 2 – collaboration with Freshly Ground and Paul du Toit.


2002 (Germany and Belgium): first international tour-performed and teach also collaborating with circus school and the schools we were visiting.
2003 (Germany): 2 cities performing and teaching school kids.
2004 (Holland): cities around collaboration with Jomba Junior dance group and break dancers from Holland and Johannesburg.
2006 (Australia): performed at the Commonwealth games collaborating with 2 other circus schools.
2010 (Germany and Spain): circus teacher for different school workshops and doing performances
2011 (UK-Wales): Wales (2012): Torchbearers show, Mzansi Cymru project, as part of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad which ran parallel to the London Olympics Games. Lead by a Welsh performing team, working with other SA arts groups.
2012 (France): Opening of the Cirque de Demian Festival.
2014 (Zambia) Tractor Launch- Performing with the Circus Synergy from Johannesburg.