Since it’s inception in 1973, Jazzart Dance Theatre has understood, and held sacred, it’s deep responsibility to tell the stories of South Africans primarily through the bodies of South Africans.

lt has been at the forefront of contemporary dance development, serving all communities without prejudice or bias, and continues its social responsibility through its training and outreach programs servicing marginalised communities.

Jazzart Dance Theatre, strives to continue to influence and preserve the sustainability of dance, choreography and dance performance using dance is used as a transformation tool to integrate social awareness and cultural inclusiveness. Through training, performance and inter-disciplinary collaborations with diverse role-players we develop multi-skilled performers and create work that promote excellence, innovation and social change.

Jazzart’s Training Program
Jazzart’s three year training gives young emerging artists the opportunity to be trained by the country’s leading teachers and practitioners in contemporary dance, Africa dance, stagecraft, dance improvisation and choreographic processes. Jazzart actively recruites trainees from our communities where the youth may otherwise not have access to the performing arts as a career.

The Outreach Programme
This programme is core to Jazzart’s ethos and informs the community through skills transmission. Outreach is structured and entrenched within our curriculum framework and has identifiable outcomes. The Outreach Programme uses dance as a transformative tool within the flexible pathways connecting rural and urban settings. The Programme provides creative arts intervention and training over 30 000 young people each year.