Jeremiah Brimstone Band, which most nearly fits into the genre of alternative folk, has distilled its sound from the darker currents of folk, alternative rock and country, gipsy music, and the blues. It performs original songs that tell tales of profligate searching, damnation, redemption and despair, evoking those implacable forces that impinge upon our lives and ensure the perennial strangeness of existence. Lyricist Dawid de Villiers (vocals, guitar, banjo) teams up with Hendré Retief (percussion), Elmi Badenhorst (accordion, trombone, harmonica) and Heine du Toit (bass, slide guitar, hang) to produce haunting music that should appeal to those with an affinity for the work of such artists as Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash, Sixteen Horsepower, and Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds.

This page grants access to video links and sound clips, but here are a few direct links:

Video clip (‘Gone to Ground’ at Upstairs):

Video clip (‘Freak Train’ at the Alma Café):

Video clip (‘The Ballad of Amanda Lear’ at Upstairs):

Video clip (‘John Bigot’s Blues’ at the Blah Blah Bar):

Sample songs: