Man By Nyte

‘Man By Nyte’ – acoustic duo (Vikee Rayner and Neill Venter)

Name of show – ‘Back to the couch’

Starting out as a 4 piece band, Vikee – vocalist & melodica* player and Neill, guitarist are the two remaining members, left to get on with the business of writing songs & mastering their craft, playing in intimate settings across Gauteng – one of which was a library that served alcohol, killing two birds with one stone.

If you ask Vikee, she’ll tell you that Neill weaves sunlight through the strings of his guitar. Neill will probably say that Vikee is crazy, but she can sing some sweet melodies – mesmerizing audiences with their folky, wholesome and melodious tunes – influenced by Goldfrapp, Neil Young, Paul Simon and extra-terrestrial energy with a Chinese song about birds, wrapped up in their line-up.

*melodica – a small organ operated by blowing into it from a tube – sounds a bit like a harmonica, and you can’t help smiling when you hear and see it.