Emile YX? Mixed Mense

Emile YX? , South African Hip Hop Elder from Black Noise Hip Hop Group , founder of Heal The Hood Project & Heal The Hood Project Practical Hip Hop School Mixed Mense, started teaching free classes at CAFDA, just outside of Lavender Hill in 2003, where the current members of Mixed Mense, Stefan Benting & Charlton Eftha came to these classes. They have been with Emile & Heal The Hood Project ever since and now work as facilitators for the organisation. They are now involved in teaching others, in the same way, that they were taught and aim to assist in helping sustain and expand the reach of Heal The Hood Project to the many other communities that need this type of practical education through Artistic expression.

Emile YX? & Heal The Hood Project has won many awards including “Best Hip Hop Organisation” in the world. 

While Emile won 2 Awards from the South African Hip Hop Awards, Iconic Urban Dance Awards & the Moshito Award.